Mason City Country Club offers the best golf course in north Iowa and the only course within 75 miles to host State championships.  On top of that a  swimming pool and cabana, top notch practice facilities and you have everything you could want in a private Club.

  Click HERE to request membership info, and be contacted by a member of our staff. 

  There are different Membership Classifications that make up our club.  Listed below are the different classifications and what they include. 

Full Golf

 Under 40

Single Living in a Single Household

Non-Resident Golf

Full Social

Corporate Memberships

* Couples Policy - A non married member may have a significant other and their dependents included in the membership (Full, Under 40, Non-Resident or Social categories) as long as they meet the following guidelines: 
  Couples do not have to be married, but must reside at the same residence, and be a "couple".


  If you would like to know more about our memberships, Click HERE to request more info and be contacted by a member of our staff.