Mason City Country Club offers the best golf course in north Iowa and the only course within 75 miles to host State championships.  On top of that a  swimming pool and cabana, top notch practice facilities and you have everything you could want in a private Club.

  Click HERE to request membership info, and be contacted by a member of our staff. You can be a member for a day in early April. 

  There are different Membership Classifications that make up our club.  Listed below are the different classifications and what they include. 

Full Golf

 Junior Golf I

Junior Golf II

Junior Golf III

Single Living in a Single Household

Non-Resident Golf

Full Social

Mason City Country Club Membership Classifications
Full Golf $284 month
Junior Golf I $143 month
Junior Golf II $185 month
Junior Golf III $227 month
Single/Widower $181 month
Full Social $50 month

Corporate Memberships

* Couples Policy - A non married member may have a significant other and their dependents included in the membership (Full, Junior I, II, and III, Non-Resident or Social categories) as long as they meet the following guidelines: 
  Couples do not have to be married, but must reside at the same residence, and be a "couple".


  If you would like to know more about our memberships, Click HERE to request more info and be contacted by a member of our staff.