Mason City Country Club features a traditional 18 hole championship course layout.  The course was built in 1915 and holds a heritage of well-manicured greatness that is still evident today. 

Mason City Country Club has hosted many major events over the years.  It has been the host site of the Iowa State Amateur seven times; the Iowa Senior Amateur six times; and the Iowa State Match Play in 1992.  The Iowa Senior Amateur was held last in 2012 and the Iowa Women's Amateur in 2013. Recently MCCC has been the host of Junio Ace Championship in 2015 and proud host for the Junior Golf Association chapionship qualifiers.


Mason City Country Club

Members Only Event’s

April 24th                       Ladies Par-tee/Evening Mixer

April 28th                       Get Golf Ready for Women (5 week instructional series every Saturday until May 26th)

May 1st                          Ladies Spring Crisis

May 2nd                          Men’s Spring Crisis

May 11th                       Couples Themed E-9

May 28th                       Memorial Day Event

June 5th & 12th             Ladies Eclectic, 2 day event

June 8th                         Couples Themed E-9

June 10th                       Family Themed Golf Event

June 15th                       Horse and Rider Calcutta

Neil Hewitt Outdoor Concert

June 16th                       Horse and Rider Event

June 24th                       The Chapman (Men’s Member/Member)

July 4th                          Flag Event

July 10th                        Disco Diva Classic

July 12th-14th                           The Tradition (Men’s Member/Guest)

July 17th                        Women’s Club Championship & Ford Zotzman

July 20th                        Couples Themed E-9

July 22nd                        Family Themed Golf Event

July 29th                        Parent Child Championship

August 5th                     Mark Mann Junior Club Championship

August 7th                     Women’s Hdcp Tournament &

                                      Ann Casey Johnstone

August 11th                   Men’s Club Championship

August 17th                   Glo-Ball, Couples/Family

August 24th                   Couples Throwback Day 1935 E-9

August 26th                   Family Themed Throwback Day 1935

August 25th                   River City Cup

August 28th                   Ladies Fall Crisis

September 3rd              Labor Day Event

September 9th              Husband and Wife Championships

September 18th            Ladies Fall Crisis

September 19th            Men’s League Championship

September 16th            Ladies Red and Blue Club

September 30th            Men’s Lichty Club

October 3rd                   Men’s Fall Crisis