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Mason City Country Club

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The 17th is a hole that looks wide open from the tee but what players don't notice is the large tree just off the right side of the fairway.  This tree makes shots from the right side very difficult.  The left side has trees, but you can get lucky and find a forgiving spot from time to time.  the green here is small and seems to be flat compared to most of the other greens on the course.  This is true but beware of subtle breaks that you don't see at first glance.  Take your time on this green and you will be fine.

Pro's Advice:

Driver off the tee and play to the left center to left side of the fairway. Take the large tree on the right out of play.You will have a longer shot into this hole than on most of the other par 4's so anything on this small green in two is good. Take your time with the read and roll in the putt.

Hole 17