Golf Outings

Click HERE to request an information packet, and have a member of our golf staff contact you.

Mason City Country Club holds multiple corporate and charity outings each year.  We can guide you all the way from conception through the day of the event.  Each outing will be operated by JP Fitzgerald. For more information call 641-424-3014 ext. 2 or email golfshop@masoncitycountryclub.com.  Note:  The Covid-19 pandemic

The Board of MCCC takes this pandemic very seriously and the health of our staff, members, and guests is our number one priority.

As we wait for progress in opening activities in Iowa, we are postponing the first two golf events:

· Men’s Crisis—Wed. May 6th tentatively pushed back to May 20.  

· Ladies Spring Mixer—Tues. May 12 tentatively pushed back to May 26

Notes from the Board President

1) The course is in great shape

2) We are revisiting the schedule of our traditional golf events to ensure the safety of all

· Please continue to follow all CDC and USGA guidelines

  1. · No Ball washers, Bunker Rakes, or Water Coolers are on course.
  2. · The Restrooms on course are now open. 
  3. · Players are to leave Flagsticks in at all times
  4. · Modified Cups. The USGA accepts your score with modified cup.
  5. · Recommended “Gimmies” inside 3 feet
  6. · Walking is encouraged. We will accommodate individual carts, but this means that there may be times when we don't have enough carts for all guests.

  Thank you for your understanding. Scheduled events which may change with Covid-19 regulations and best practices:


Weekly Game of the Day for Ladies Day and Men’s Day

20 – Men’s Spring Crisis

26 – Ladies Spring Mixer

25—Memorial Day Event - tba


7 (Sun)--Men’s Amateur – Tentative and likely cancelled

11 (Thurs)— (Private Event) – may be postponed

13 (Sat)—City Tournament (Ladies at Highland)

18 (Thur)— (Private Event) may be postponed

23 (Tues)—Ladies Best Shot

25 (Thurs)--(Private Event)

27 (Sat)—Horse and Rider


4-No Event

9, 10, 11 (Thurs, Fri, Sat)—Tradition

20 (Mon)— (Private Event)

28 (Tues)—3-Gal Best Shot 8” Cups (Open to public)

31 (Fri)—Private Event)


9 (Sun)—Member/Member

12 & 19 (Wednesdays)—Men’s Club Tournament

16 (Sun)--Couple’s Open


7-No Event

13,20,27 (Sun)—Lichty Cup date selected based on NFL schedule


3 or 10 (Sat)--Chili Open (Date to be determined)

7 (Wed)--Men’s Fall Crisis